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Post your name from the Db

Sat May 28, 2011 1:15 pm by Josh

Starting this up, if you use a Different name on here than on the db, either way, post what your name was on the Db.

Helps clarify who you are.

    Marvel superkids ch 16

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    Marvel superkids ch 16

    Post  Pkmn gamer on Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:39 pm

    Marvel superkids episode 16 master plan, friends collide
    "hey robotic metal you ok?" I asked as robotic metal woke up. "yeah... I got bruised up bad" he said groaning. "ok get some sleep" I said as he passed out, but then he started murmuring, "he must have a nightmare". I went outside, "hey hellfire is he ok?!" said synthesis worried. "nah he's fine, but he does seem a little pale" I said. "oh ok, I had this feeling that something was going wrong with him" said synthesis, "I mean I'm not saying he isn't strong but he did defeat one of the most powerful kronas by himself" "if you want to take a look" I said pointing this door, she went in. But synthesis was kind of correct. "hey superman do you think it was too easy for robotic metal to defeat krona crow?"I asked as I turned on a screen with superman on it. "I don't know, he did master his powers, anyways I smell something fishy but I have to go we are looking for the krona's hideout" said superman as the screen turned off. "have you seen Synthesis or robotic metal?" asked snot boy, "their not at the marvel clinic" "what?!" I yelled, they were there a few seconds ago. As we raced towards the clinic falcon girl and shadow sneaker met up with me. Shadow sneaker was badly bruised...and pale? "what happened?" I asked. "superboy, synthesis, robotic metal and side kick attacked us" said falcon girl. "he's inside m...m...me!" yelled shadow sneaker twitching and turning, then his eyes turned black. "we meet again" said shadow sneaker with krona crow's voice, "you think you pesky kids can defeat me?!" shadow sneaker lunged towards us. "pyro blast!" I yelled sending a huge ball of flames knocking out shadow sneaker. "where were they headed?!" I told falcon girl. "they were headed to marvel prison and they took superboy! I'm going you like it or not!!" said falcon girl. We headed towards marvel prison, as we asked the guards about robotic metal, the wall next to the prison burst and out came out krona crow. "serve him!" said robotic metal, superboy, side kick and synthesis. "falcon girl and snit boy take care of them I'll go for krona crow" I said. "I don't think so hero, I told robotic metal I wanted him, the good way or the bad way!" robotic metal stepped in front of me as the rest started fighting. "don't do it" I told robotic metal, too late. "gamma blast!" yelled robotic metal sending a huge laser from his chest. "shadow mimic!" I created copies of me and didn't get hit. "pyro blast!" I sent two huge balls of flame towards robotic metal. "force field!" he said blocking my attacks, "missile barrage!" he sent rapid missiles towards me, "dragon breathe!" my flames melted the missiles. "psycho push!" he rammed me with his mind into a wall and created a sword out of his power. "electro shock!" I shocked him as he came near stopping him. "lightning flame!" "psycho sword!" my flames slammed into his sword but he kept on rushing towards me. "skeletal warriors!" I yelled. A skeletal dragon and 12 skeletal warriors heavily armed appeared from the earth and attacked him. "laser beams!" he yelled cutting through two warriors and skating two with his sword, but the dragon knocked him down. "I'm sorry but you leave me no choice!" I yelled, I started absorbing hell energy and concentrating it, the moneys turned blue and I summoned all of the energy around me and turned it into electricity, clouds started to swirl above sending lightning towards me as I charged my attack, the air around me was insanely hot and electrified. "armor burst and mega laser swords!" his armor turned red and he started moving at incredible speed, his laser swords bent with his mind and where also incremented, he destroyed all of my soldiers. I wasn't ready. But my dragon skeleton stood up with three legs (one was cut off) and collapsed on top of him. This time 'robotic metal' used his mind to roughly assemble some sort of canon that fit his chest piece, a magnifier to his chest beam! I had to hurry. As he cleared through the dragon's skeleton he grabbed the canon plugged it into his chest and started charging his chest blast and a mind blast, but I was ready now. "HELL BOLT!" I yelled thinking 'I'm sorry robotic metal' the fiery/thunder ray zipped through the air and collided with his laser/mind blast. The earth shook and time seemed to stop, my attack was beating his. "I can't do it" I said, I had charged my attack longer so it was stronger, but I couldn't destroy my best friend. "I have a plan" said robotic metal telepathically, the real one. "he used his last of his power to turn his suit off dropping to the ground, my attack broke through and slammed into krona crow, all of the superkids regained consciousness. "blast you!" said krona crow as we gathered in front of him and he disappeared. But robotic metal wasn't responding. We rushed to the marvel clinic....

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